Subawards.com is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of federal subaward proposals.

Cayuse makes it easy for Cayuse customers and their subcontractors to prepare, validate, share and submit proposal data in a Web application.

Cayuse customers can import subaward proposal data two ways:

From subawards created in Subawards.com

Subawards.com makes it easy and fast for subcontractors to prepare their subaward budgets. Each free account provides auto-fillable form fields, budget calculations, error-correction, Grants.gov validations, the ability to clone subawards, and much more. Collaborators at Cayuse sites receive error-free subaward data that flows into the prime proposal and rolls up to the master budget.

From Grants.gov's Adobe forms:

Cayuse sites can now import subaward data directly from the Adobe forms. If you create a subaward in the old-fashioned method of downloadable forms, the new version of Cayuse424 will import the data. The data does not have the benefit of the sophisticated validations and error correction performed by Subawards.com, but the budget numbers will flow into the prime proposal and roll up to the master budget.