Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use
Anyone can use It's designed specifically to streamline the SF424 RR Budget form that is required by many institutions when applying jointly for federal funding opportunities via to top

Why is it free?
The cost of developing and hosting is shared by the Cayuse customers. Cayuse sites benefit by being able to import subawards into their prime proposals with a couple of clicks.back to top

Why should I use when I can use the Adobe forms from
Ha ha ha! That's a good one! is much faster and more accurate at filling out the SF424 R&R Budget, the Key Persons, and the Performance Sites forms. In addition, your subaward proposal can be exported and sent to the person assembling the prime proposal. Since it's based on the government's S2S proposal data format, all the information, biosketches, and attachments can be automatically populated into the prime at most Cayuse sites. back to top

I'm a Cayuse customer already. Do I need an account on
No, you can just use your institution's subscription to Cayuse424 to create subawards and send them to other Cayuse sites for importing, or to create and send PDFs to non-Cayuse sites.back to top

I'm not a Cayuse customer. Can I use
Yes, is available to anyone.back to top

None of my collaboration partners are on the Cayuse platform. Can I use
Yes. If you ever have to fill out a subcontract budget form for proposal partner, you can use The automatic budget calculations and form validations are substantially faster and easier to use than any other method. Then you can print and send a PDF to your partner.back to top

Can other proposal development systems like Coeus import subaward budget information
I create?

Cayuse intends to publish the XML schema for the subaward proposal and share it with other S2S entities, such as Coeus, InfoEd, and other institutional proposal development systems. This will allow other systems to import subaward data from into their proposal systems, if they so desire. Contact us for details.back to top

Getting Started

Do I need to download anything to get started or involve my IT department?
You do not need to download anything. The entire application runs in your browser. All you need is an account, which provides you with a private and secure login.back to top

What browser should I use when accessing runs on Internet Explorer version 7 or higher and Firefox version 2 or higher. back to top

Can I use a Mac?
Yes. We recommend the Firefox browser on Macs.back to top

Does allow printing?
Yes, you can save a complete, accurate version of the subaward form in PDF format.back to top

Can I submit directly to with
No. is designed only to complete the SF424 RR Budget forms, which are always attached to prime proposals. If you collaborate with an organization using Cayuse424, your subaward is imported into the completed proposal, which is then sent to to top

How do I send my subaward to the primary institution?
In order to ensure your primary institution receives your proposal, you must be sure to export the file, and send the resulting ".cayuse" file to them to import. PDFs are only for reference or routing, and cannot be used to import the subaward.back to top

Can I share my user name with others at my institution?
We don't recommend you share your login.back to top

If I change institutions, should I create a new account?
Yes. Since your login is tied to your email address, we recommend you create a new free account if you change institutions.back to top